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Power supply quality analysing device with harmonics analysis type REM-370


Measurements in conformity with standard: EN 50160 or standard defined by user !
Number of phases: 1 or 3
Memory capacity: 3MB
Interface: RS-232 optic interface
Power supply: 110, 230 lub 380V from measuring conductors
Reserve supply: from battery of accumulators
Operation without power supply: 2hours (memory 1 year)
Housing protection: industrial, IP52
Measurements: 137 x 132 x 138mm

This device can register several hundred network parameters and examine energy quality in accordance with EN 50160 standard (except flickers)
Especially interesting are unique features of this device such as detection of micro-breaks in power supply, change in the recording speed and in the memory record configuration after exceeding some preset limit value or statistic classification of average values. 
Full specification of registered parameters is included in the information card of the device. 

Moreover the device can be used together with optional miniature printer (which does not require external PC computer for its operation). This printer can print the report of supply quality conformance with EN 50160 standard or the report of measured parameters momentary values, without interrupting the registration of measurements results into the device memory.

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